Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A temporary distraction

It's been way too long... wonderful travel experiences and heart-rending tragedies. Big Questions to ponder and relations to tend. Sounds like a movie, but alas, that's just life. Back to the historical observations soon, but meanwhile, perhaps I can provide a nice distraction... hence, here are a few photos from Ireland! Enjoy...

Offspring in front of one of three ancient high crosses at Kilkieran. Cross in question is over a thousand years old. (Child = far younger.)

Detail of the high tower, Rock of Cashel. Dates from approximately 900 AD, if I recall correctly.

Pigeon. Holes in side of cathedral structure originally supported beams used as scaffolding for construction. Sometimes these were filled in later; sometimes not. And sometimes, over 500 years, stones simply fall out.

Inisheer, Aran Islands, with Inishmaan in the distance. They have rocks and they know how to use them...

Offspring eating Pringles on Inisheer.

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