Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ads of yore #5

I have noticed this on various blogs and will post the link I actually used below. Love it. Well, don't love it at all insofar as a certain local Mr. Gifford values his life more than to ever attempt giving one of these for Christmas, but it's an interesting little side trip down memory lane in the history of American gender stereotypes...

Ah, 1960. A very good year for Massachusetts senators, anyway.

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Anonymous said...

My mom gave me a vacuum for Christmas about five years back... I guess that's acceptable considering that she owned the vacuum store and I did need a vacuum... and she's my mom and not my husband. :)

Laura Gifford said...

Yes, somehow a needed vacuum from a mother (especially one who is expert on vacuums!) seems different. I wouldn't mind at all in that situation. Also, I sincerely doubt you sprawled on the floor in a fancy dress and caressed it lovingly. :-)