Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not (quite) a fool

I found this funny and am posting this on March 31 so it will not be wrongly misinterpreted as a hoax of a hoax. I must admit I am not a very big fan of April Fool's Day. It seems cruel to have an entire day devoted to attempting to cuckold other people. Isn't life stressful enough without having to spend 1/365th of each year (barring leap years) desperately attempting to avoid humiliation? I spend enough of my time doing that already; no need to introduce intentional additions.

That said: seems that in 1957, BBC's "Panorama" ran an entire episode on the spaghetti industry in, of all places, Switzerland, including extensive footage of women carefully removing strands of spaghetti from trees and spreading them out to dry. Now that's pretty funny -- and entirely harmless (unless, I suppose, one then booked a trip specifically to go harvest spaghetti and encountered disappointment upon arrival).

Here's the link:

Know of a great, harmless hoax article or news story that was shared on April 1? Post a link in the comments!

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