Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Webfoot Wednesday: Greetings from...

It's an exceptionally busy week, but I hate to interrupt my regular postings now that they're underway. So, enjoy a vintage postcard of my father's hometown, Klamath Falls, Oregon:

[Photo credit]

I've attended many a Fourth of July parade on this street, albeit not with cars as nifty as these involved (except as parade entries). There was, however, a memorable inflatable pelican one year (Klamath Union High School teams are the "Fighting Pelicans"... there's a large, waterfowl-friendly lake abutting the town), and there was nothing quite like seeing a set of fighter planes from Kingsley Field come roaring down the sky, just above Main Street. The smells of sagebrush and juniper will always remind me of being a little kid, slightly sunburnt, going for a walk with my folks in the neighborhood behind Grandma and Granddad's house. Old growth in the north and west; sagebrush in the south and east. It's little wonder so many Oregonians are so firmly wedded to their home.

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