Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Webfoot Wednesday: Old Portland!

As promised, here are a few more old Portland photos to enjoy...

The Montgomery Ward building on NW Vaughn. This is now an office complex with a "Montgomery Park" sign on the top. (Easy name switch... 2 letters!) My grandfather worked here for decades, and my grandmother worked here also. Which would help explain how they became my grandfather and grandmother, eh?

The old Forestry Center, constructed for the Lewis and Clark Centennial Expedition in 1905. This building, located very near the old Montgomery Ward building, burnt to the ground in 1964. My grandfather recalled being able to feel the intense heat from Wards' windows as these enormous old-growth logs burned.

Jantzen Beach Amusement Park--at one time, the largest amusement park in the nation.

Ice cream, anyone? This was a familiar venue throughout my school years for its "clown sundaes" and that ridiculous one-of-every-scoop-Farrell's-sold concoction that was accompanied by sirens and flashing lights.

The 82nd Avenue Drive-In, surrounded not by used-car lots or strip malls, but mysterious things called "farms."

Last but certainly not least, my favorite image for the wonderful memories it brings: Lloyd Center when it was an open-air mall. The only thing better would be one more trip through the forced-air heaters that blew vertically at the entrance to Meier and Frank. One of the largest malls in the world at the time it opened, in 1960.

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Pam M. said...

It's funny how when you're looking for one thing you run across some other interesting website or blog. I REALLY enjoyed every one of these images. My parents met while working in the accounting dept. at Montgomery Ward. I remember the little carts in the front entryway selling warm peanuts and the thick head of foam on a glass of milk when eating in the lunchroom. We visited the old Forestry Center many times. I was 11 when it burned. My 8th grade graduation party was held at Jantzen Beach Park. Birthdays weren't complete without a visit to Farrell's. Going to the Lloyd Center was a BIG deal. We'd go regularly as a family, to buy nuts at Morrow's Nut House and watch ice skating; Christmas was very special there. The only thing we didn't do were drive-ins.