Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Webfoot Wednesday: Boundaries

It's the first week of classes, which means some extra administrative responsibilities and other things that eat up time. I was highly amused, however, by today's entry from my trusty "This Day in Oregon" book (James Cloutier, This Day in Oregon [Eugene, Ore.: Image West Press, 1982]). Seems a county sheriff would have had quite the job in mid-nineteenth century Wasco County (today, The Dalles and surrounding environs):

"Wasco County was created on Jan. 11, 1854 and comprised all the area of the Oregon Territory between the Cascade Range and the crest of the Rocky Mountains with Nebraska forming the eastern boundary line. The name "Wasco" was taken from the Indian word 'Wacq-o' meaning cup or small bowl. [Small? Really?] The county's area was later reduced to its present 2,392 square miles."

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